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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
8:43 pm
Leg 6B: Gainesville
Having touchdowned at the Space Shuttle landing strip at Cape Canaveral BB2 is unloaded from BB617 and readied for takeoff at short notice...

Canon: “Okay, they’ve all gone home from the Shuttle launch. Time to get moving”
Acttd: “Off we go”

12:58 Takeoff

13:20 Touchdown Gainesville

13:24 Taxiing

Tower: “BB2, hold position for Air New Zealand ATR”
Acttd: “Looks like the new routes are working out well for Air New Zealand”

13:32 Sarah Collected --- 13:39 Takeoff from Gainesville

13:44 Autopilot throws a wobbly, switch to manual flight.

Tenbt: (over radio) “BB2, that rogue jetliner was spotted close to the shuttle launch. Better get back here quick before it finds you”
Acttd: “Roger, see you soon”

Holly: “Wheeeeee! This is really fast”
Sarah: “Is it safe to fly so low?”
Acttd: “Well the controls are a bit sluggish at this speed”

Sarah: “Wow! Was that an airfield we just zoomed over?”
Holly: “I don’t know. I blinked”
Canon: “I had my eyes closed. That way I’ll never know what hits us”
Sarah: “But isn’t it dangerous to fly over a runway so low”
Acttd: “No. You have to look out for trees… and wires!”

14:00 On Approach

14:02 Touchdown Cape Canaveral
6:29 pm
Leg 6: Knoxville - Florida
With both completeinhim and walkingworthy aboard, the Bungeling Busters are off again as BB617 makes its way to Florida...

08:56 Begin Taxi
09:00 Takeoff

Cruising altitude of 29,000ft
Holly: Wheeee! This is bumpy again

09:38 Enter Florida

Acttd: (intercom) “And if you look out the right side of the aircraft you’ll see Jacksonville”

Tower: “BB617, cleared to descend to destination. Umm, where is your destination?”
Acttd: “That’s classified. Over and out”

Goofy: “Are you sure it’s a good idea to land at the landing strip for the Space Shuttle’s 747 transport aircraft?”
Tenbt: “I’ve been checking the charts and the runway is four and half kilometres long.
Canon: “Do you think that’s enough?”
Mouse: “Our pilot’s got to make to the runway first”
Acttd: “I heard that!”
Canon: “Better get ready, Mr President”
Tenbt: “But do you think the President of New Zealand routine will fly?”
Mouse: “Not with our pilot at the controls!”
Acttd: “I heard that too!”
Goofy: “Hey look! The Space Shuttle is taking off”
Acttd: “Now’s our chance. We’ll sneak in for landing while everyone’s watching the launch”

Goofy: “Does anyone know what N.A.S.A. stands for?”
All: “Not Another Silly Acronym”

09:58 Touchdown
10:02 Shutdown. BB2 unloaded.
Friday, May 4th, 2007
5:12 am
Leg 5B: To Atlanta and back
While the others enjoy the hospitality of completeinhim, The Legendary A.C.T.T.D. is accompanied by Goofy as they make a quick trip to Atlanta in order to bring walkingworthy to the party.

Tuesday 15th August 2006
Leg 5B: Knoxville – Atlanta – Return
Weather: Fine

09:00 Takeoff.

09:33 Touchdown Atlanta
Goofy: “How are we supposed to figure out who in this terminal we’re picking up.”
Acttd: “It’s quite simple really. I stand here with this cricket bat and you give the red cricket ball to people. We’re looking for the person that bowls it rather than throws it”
Goofy: “But what if there’s an Australian in the airport? Won’t they bowl it?”
Acttd: “Yeah but they’ll bowl it underarm”

09:58 Takeoff on return journey to Knoxville

10:38 Touchdown Knoxville
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
9:19 am
Leg 5: Tulsa - Knoxville
With all the LJ wedding guests aboard BB617 and the newlyweds making use of the Honeymoon Suite in the aft section of the plane, it’s off to Knoxville to collect completeinhim

Leg 5: Monday 14th August 2006
Tulsa – Knoxville
Weather: Cloudy skies

Tower: “BB617, cleared to taxi to runway 27. Orbit 12939, cleared to taxi”
Goofy: “Say, didn’t we encounter an Orbit flight back in New Zealand?”
Canon “That’s right, suspected Bungelings”
Mouse: “We’ll drag them off again. Four engines are better than two”

Tenbt: “I’ve been checking the charts and Runway 27 is only 2300 metres long”
Canon: “So how long is the other runway?”
Tenbt: “3200 metres. I think these incompetent Air Traffic Controller have us taking off on the wrong runway”
Acttd: “Don’t worry, the short runway will work”
Mouse: “Yeah, we’ll get your crashing over and done quicker”

12:03 Flying over Haskell

Hit airpockets over Arkansas. Floor it at 35,000ft – Mach 0.95

12:55pm Above Nashville
Tenbt: “I’ve been checking the charts and I’m sure this is Nashville”
Canon: “Well why didn’t you say so? Quick! Tune the radio”
Acttd: “But I’m listening to Air Traffic Control!”
Canon: “They never tell you anything useful”
Mouse: “Like how to fly”
Canon: “Hey! What’s this song called?”
Mouse: “Staying Alive”

12:57pm Cockpit
Tenbt: “I’ve been checking the charts and I don’t like what I see”
Acttd: “What do you see?”
Tenbt: “Nothing.”
Goofy: “Well there’s nothing there then”
Tenbt: “Yes but you don’t put the words ‘nothing here’ on a map now, do you?”

Meanwhile in the forward compartment…
Mouse: “What’s that?”
Canon: “Great Balls of Fire”
Mouse: “Not the song you Mongol. That down there”
Canon: “Oh dear”
Mouse: “Shall I activate the BRB?”
Canon: “I think you’d better activate the BRB”
Mouse: “I’m going to activate the BRB”
Canon: “Yes, activate the BRB”

12:58 Mouse activates the Big Red Button (BRB)
Plane: “Whoop Whoop. Red Alert. Whoop. Whoop. Red Alert”
Tenbt: (intercom) “All passengers please take your seats immediately”
Goofy: (intercom) “Belt Up! Er, I mean, seatbelts everyone”
Acttd: “What’s going on down there?”
Canon: “We’ve detected a thermonuclear device”
Acttd: “Is it heading our way?”
Canon: “No, it’s a stationary thermonuclear device”
Tenbt: “A nuclear power station?”
Canon: “Yep.”
Goofy: “That was my next guess”
Mouse: “Let’s blow it up and blame it on that rogue jetliner”
Acttd: “But can we destroy it with causing a nuclear disaster?”
Canon: “Yep we can lay waste without laying waste”
Acttd: “We’d better ask the President”
Goofy: “You’re going to ask permission from their president to blow it up?”
Mouse: “Our President”
Goofy: “But we have a Prime Minister”
Canon: “We also have the President of New Zealand onboard.”
Goofy: “Oh that’s right”
Tenbt: “Let’s save our bombs for a more appropriate target
Acttd: “The Democrat Convention?”
Tenbt: “The Beehive”
Goofy “Should I turn the passenger intercom off now?”

13:02 Stand down Red Alert. Begin descent.
13:08 Turn Due South
13:09 Vectored for landing. Begin approach circuit

13:15 In the landing circuit for Knoxville
Tenbt: “There’s a large structure up ahead”
Acttd: “Perhaps it’s Fort Knox”
Canon: “Shall I blow it up?”
Mouse: “You still won’t get Frequent Flier Gold that way”

13:24 Perfect Touchdown (14:24 local time)

13:26 Aircraft shutdown
Completeinhim: “Can you drop me in Europe?”
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
10:57 am
Leg 4B: Tulsa Shuttle
Having dropped off the Texans for laraemily's wedding, the Legendary A.C.T.T.D. heads back to Tulsa to pick up everyone else after their sleep in

Saturday August 12th 2006
Weather: Remnants of thunderstorms creating low cloud and fog. Expected to clear by midday.

9:13am Takeoff

Acttd: "Who plants trees at the end of a runway?"

9:24 Final Approach to Tulsa
Tower: "BB2 Go Around" [abort landing]
Acttd: "Roger tower. Ummm, why? There aren't any planes in the way"
Tower: "We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of planes in the way, the presence of aircraft at the airport or in the vicinity of the airport"
Acttd: "BB617, this is BB2. Can you confirm or deny the presence of competent air traffic controllers at this airport?"
Tenbt: "We can neither confirm nor deny but we could make a very accurate guess"
Mouse: "But we can confirm there are no competent pilots on board your plane!"

9:27am Wing tanks empty. Central fuel tank running low.
Tower: "BB2 Cleared for landing"
Tower: "BB2 Go Around"
Acttd: "Not again. What is it this tim- Whoa! Who put that Cessna there"
Tower: "Repeat, BB2 Go Around"
Acttd: "Negative tower, I'm committed"
Mouse: "You should be"

9:32am Pickup everyone.
9:35am Takeoff for Haskell

9:41am Touchdown Haskell. Good landing.

9:44am Disembark passengers and park near a secluded hanger
8:27 am
Leg 4: Houston Shuttle
The Legendary A.C.T.T.D. sets out to pick up aftondays, themegchild and violetvale, not to mention thecomrade, siemova and holytrinity and bring them to the Church on time for laraemily's wedding.

Saturday August 12th 2006
06:50 Tulsa Time
Weather: Thunderstorms

Acttd: "Remind me why we got up so early."
Holly: "You wanted to leave plenty of time to get to Lara's wedding in case we ran into problems on the way"
Tenbt: "With him it's a certainty. See you later... I hope"

Tower: BB2 Cleared for takeoff

Holly: "Wheeeee! This is nice and bouncy"

7:32 Begin descent
7:38 Pass airfield called 'Last Resort'

7:51 Touchdown Montgomery County Airport --- 7:54 Pick up passengers

8:02 Takeoff --- 8:37 Cross back in Oklahoma

Acttd: "BB2 at Flight Level 200 (20,000ft). Request descent to 10,000ft"
Tower: "Roger BB2. Descend to 20,000ft"
Acttd: "Are you even watching your radar? We're at 20,000ft"
Tower: "Roger BB2, maintaining 20,000ft"
Texan: "I think it's your accent."
Acttd: "What accent?"

9:03am Attempt landing at Haskell in heavy fog
Holly: "Did you just scrape the wing on the runway?"
Acttd: "No. The ground just scraped the runway along our wing!"


Acttd: "No tower, I will not climb to 2,600ft. In that cloud I'd never see the runway"

9:08am Successful landing also utilising the conveniently placed grass at the end of the runway

9:11am Passengers disembark
Sunday, April 1st, 2007
3:22 pm
Leg 3E: Las Vegas - Tulsa
The Bungeling Busters, along with mrs617, meylndie, danialand and kellchecker set off for Tulsa on Friday 11th August, 2006...

Leg 3ECollapse )
2:24 pm
Leg 3D: Picking Up kellchecker
Having landed at Las Vegas, the Bungeling Busters unload BB2 for Holly and the Legendary A.C.T.T.D. to pick up Kellie from North Las Vegas. The Legend decides to take the scenic route.

Leg 3DCollapse )
1:48 pm
Leg 3C: Yuba City - Las Vegas
9:30am Takeoff from Beale Air Force Base

Tower: NZ617 Cleared for takeoff. Are you sure you wouldn't like a fighter escort? We're still trying to track down that rogue jetliner.
Acttd: Are you trying to insult my flying skill, over?
Tower: Negative.
TenbT: Too bad, we will.

Leg3CCollapse )
Thursday, February 8th, 2007
9:29 pm
Leg 3B: Picking Up danialand
Due to a file extention error the pictures didn't save right. Never mind. . This is a short flight in the small Mooney aircraft from Beale AFB to the nearby Marysville airport to collect Dania, flown by the Legend with Holly onboard. The Bungeling Busters remain at Beale with the station commander (cmndr)

Leg 3BCollapse )
6:11 pm
Leg 3A Fallon - Yuba City
When: Friday August 11th. 7am Pacific Time.
Where: Fallon - Yuba City (Beale Air Force Base)
Who: The Legend, The Bungeling Busters, mrs617 + 2 sisters. melyndie (melle).
Weather: A rainy day in the desert???

Leg 3ACollapse )
Thursday, August 10th, 2006
9:45 pm
Leg 2C: Boise to Fallon
When: Thursday August 10th. 5pm Mountain Time.
Where: Boise - Fallon
Who: The Legend, The Bungeling Busters, mrs617 + 2 sisters. melyndie (melle).
Weather: Even more snow in August.

Well at least the take off was uneventful.

But a few minutes later it all went to custard...
Leg 2CCollapse )
Saturday, August 5th, 2006
10:28 pm
Leg 2B: The Naenae to Nampa Express
When: Thursday August 10th. 12noon Mountain Time.
Where: Boise - Nampa - The Scenic Route - Emmett - Boise
Who: The Legend, mrs617 and The Hailie.
Weather: More snow in August.

With the Boise airport official heading back to his office to send a bill to Ms H Clark, the Bungeling Busters unloaded the Mooney from the cargo hold of their 747...

Leg 2BCollapse )
8:50 pm
Virtual LJ Tour: Leg 2A
When: Thursday August 10th. 9:30am Pacific Time.
Where: Fallon - Boise - Nampa - Boise - Fallon.
Who: The Bungeling Busters, mrs617 and her sister Hannah (Hanah) and The Hailie.
Weather: Light Snow. Not a typical Fallon August.

Tower "NZ617. You are clear to taxi and take off using runway 13L"
Acttd "Roger"
Holly "Unusual weather for this time of year. It's the first time it's snowed here in August"
Goofy "Must be global warming"
Mouse "Snow in summer? Does that sound like warming to you?"
Goofy "Perhaps it's the next ice age?"
Canon"But Ice Age 2 was only released last year"
Acttd "Must come out The Day After Tomorrow"
Goofy "It could be Armageddon"
Acttd "They're making a sequel to Armageddon? How can that work?"
TenbT "It must be in the De Vinci Code somewhere"

Leg 2ACollapse )
Friday, August 4th, 2006
1:50 am
LJ Tour. Leg One, NZ to USA
When: Wednesday August 9th. 4pm New Zealand Standard Time.
Where: Auckland International Airport.
Who: ACTTD (617), TenbT (tenbaset), Goofy (glehnmarc_hibbu), Canon (The Cannon) and Mouse (The Mouse)
Weather: Heavy Rain. Typical New Zealand winter.
Note: There are more pictures than I've posted. They've all got captions and can be accessed by clicking on any of the "photos" in this entry.

Acttd "BB617 requesting clearance to taxi"
Tower "BB617 taxi clearance granted"
Orbit "Orbit 7359 requesting clearance to taxi"
Tower "Orbit 7359 clear to taxi"
Acttd "Who's Orbit. Never heard of them. I haven't seen their 737s around here before"
Canon "Could be a Bungeling surveillence outfit"
Acttd "Let's drag him off. We've got four engines, they've only got two"
Canon "And we have at least 10% more range"
TenbT "And more ammunition"
Canon "And more thrust"
Acttd "Let's take the scenic route while we taxi"
Goofy "We're familiar with Auckland scenery though"
Acttd "But the Bungelings aren't familiar with Auckland traffic"
Mouse "Aha! Tailgating!"

</lj>Tower "BB617. Takeoff clearance granted"

In 22 minutes the Bungeling Busters are Cruising along at 40,000ft.

Acttd "We're crossing the equator, what's the time"
TenbT "12:14am"
Canon "Nah, it's only 11:14pm"
Mouse "No way, it's 1:14am"
Goofy "I set the clock for daylight savings so it should be right now"
Canon "Right if we were flying to Mongolia!"

Then at 6:45am Pacific Time things get interesting...

USATC "Unidentified Aircraft. Please Identify yourself" [ATC - Air Traffic Control]
TenbT "I think he means us"
Goofy "How are we going to talk our way out of- I mean into this one?"
Acttd "This is New Zealand 617 Heavy, over"
USATC "New Zealand 617 heavy. We have no record of your flight plan"
Acttd "This is the personal aircraft of the President of New Zealand, enroute to Fallon Naval Airstation to observe specialised Sea Level Altitude Maneouvres. Over"
USATC "New Zealand 617 heavy. You are cleared to Fallon Navel Air Station. Do you require an escort"
Goofy "Navel?"
TenbT "American accent"
Canon "An escort would be so cool!"
Acttd "They're not talking about a Ford Escort!"
TenbT "I'd rather keep their guns as far away from us as possible so we don't have to resort to using ours"
Acttd "Negative. No escort required."

BB617 crosses the US coastline at 7:16 local time, over Monterey Bay.

175nm from Fallon the descent begins.

Acttd "NZ617, request Flight Level 240" [24,000ft]
USATC "NZ 617, descend to 13,000ft"
Acttd "Umm, okay. Roger. (I think they've forgotten about us)"
TenbT "Good. Anyone figured out where we're going to get a President from?"
Acttd "Don't look at me, I'm the pilot"
Canon "I can't, I'm his personal bodyguard"
Mouse "I just write his speeches"
Goofy "I'm not smart enough. Except this time because I'm smart enough to know I'm not smart enough and smart enough to use not being smart enough as an excuse"
TenbT "Why is everyone looking at me?"

Finally at 7:53 local time, despite the best efforts of their pilot, the Bungeling Busters land at the Fallon NAS. As Goofy opens the door a brass band strikes up a ditty outside. Goofy ducks back inside the aircraft.
Goofy "Umm, guys. They really are expecting the President of New Zealand!"
Acttd "Then that's who they'll get"
TenbT "Why is everyone looking at me again?"

Mouse "Announcing the arrival of the President of New Zealand"
FalCO "I'm sorry we had no notification of your arrival" [CO - Commanding Officer]
Canon "Shall I cut off his head?"
TenbT "There's no need to cut him down to size"
Canon "But he's got big shoulders, I'm sure he wouldn't be that cut up about it"
TenbT "He's already on a knife edge with our arrival. Cut him some slack"
Canon "Okay, I'll cut it out"
TenbT "Thank you for your hospitable welcome. It is most appreciated. I don't suppose you could give us a lift into town?"
FalCO "Of course, I'll inform the helicopter crews"
Mouse "An airlift is the last thing the President wants!"
Canon "Can I chop his head off?"
FalCO "But why doesn't he want an airlift?"
Goofy "Our pilot might try get his hands on the controls"
TenbT "An automobile will be fine"

And with that the Bungeling Busters set the car alarm on their plane and drive to Holly's place. The Commanding Officer was forgiven his impertinence but was threatened with training the Legendary ACTTD to fly.
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
12:33 am
The BB Virtual LJ Tour 2006: Dunedin Branch
Monday August 7th: Dunedin Branch

Pick up 'The Mouse' from the Dunedin Branch of the Bungeling Busters.

Dunedin BranchCollapse )
Friday, July 7th, 2006
9:47 pm
The BB Virtual LJ Tour 2006: Test Flight
Saturday August 5th: Test Flight to Chatham Islands

Take off Auckland International Airport (runway 5)
Navigate towards Chatham Islands, approximately 1 hour South East of Auckland.
Conduct Major Altitude Deviation (MAD) Maneouvres over the Pacific Ocean

Uneventful takeoff. Detour over Lake Waikaremoana for scenic purposes.
Cruising Altitude: 41,000ft. Speed: Mach 0.92

Structural Integrity Test 1:
Dive to 30,000ft and break the sound barrier.
Pull back on stick and do a complete loop
Hand airsick bags to other Bungeling Busters.
Strengthening the airframe worked
Need bigger airsick bags

Structural Intergrity Test 2:
Barrell Rolls at Supersonic speeds.
Need to build airsick bags to withstand multiple G force ratings.

Structural Intergrity Test 3:
Dive from 30,000ft to sea level and exceed 700knots airspeed at below 1,000ft.
Flight controls get the shakes at high 600knots
Aircraft can still be controlled easily at 700 knots, just rather bumpy for passengers.
Need to buy a lot more airsick bags.

Structural Integrity Test 4:
Climb from sea level at 700 knots.
From sea level at 700 knots a 40 degree climb angle is sustainable to over 30,000ft.
Make sure all airsick bags are closed before creating a zero-G effect when leveling off.

Cruising Altitude 40,000ft, Mach 0.93
Textbook approach and landing at Auckland International Airport
Things went a little wrong when Air Traffic Control told us to taxi back onto the runway into the path of a landing aircraft.
Ignored Air Traffic Control. Taxied to our parking spot and turned everything off.
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
11:15 am
The origins of Aelh!
The origins of Aelh! go way back to 1997. I did a video for a camp and played the character of 'Dr Ivan Nastikov', a role I reprised a number of times. The script I wrote called for numerous bursts of evil laughter in quick succession from my character. In the script I went from writing 'Hahahahaha' to 'Add Evil Laugh Here!' to the just typing 'Aelh!'. It created a lot of amusement from the others when they read the script so I kept it right through the five videos I did over five years for that camp and into the Nail Files scripts. This of course created interesting situations where other people playing the bad guys read their lines and wondered how on earth one was meant to say Aelh! One poor person even tried to say it during rehearsal. Those of us who knew it's meaning promptly burst into evil laughter, or as we put it we tried to demonstrate how to say the line...
Monday, May 22nd, 2006
11:40 pm
The BB Virtual LJ Tour 2006: Preparation
This is a sneak preview of the Bungeling Busters Virtual LJ Tour. If you're signed up to bungelingbuster you will have the advantage of seeing each 'episode' first and you'll stay one step ahead as I won't post this episode to my LJ until the next episode is posted here ;)

This story won't always be in the form of a story though. For instance this episode is styled as if it were logbook entries. Expect transcripts of the cockpit voice recorder as the Bungeling Buster try to talk their way into various airports and airbases without being shot at. If our 747 gets assigned a parking spot for small aircraft you'll be sure to know, along with other silly things like if we try to jump the queue for takeoff. Plus you can expect some very descriptive log entries about the skill and stupidity of The Legendary ACTTDs piloting.

So here is the first log entry along with the seating plan for the aircraft.

Bungeling Buster LJ Tour: Preparation

July 1st 2006:
747-400 aircraft arrives from Boeing. They have been most kind in donating it. Their executives were very quick in grasping the concept of a forced loan. The delivery pilots pleaded for us not to exercise our right to collateral (damage) for the orange paint job, apparently they were out of paint. They did manage to supply us with a Mooney Bravo, a Learjet45, a Cessna Amphibian and Airwolf so we decided not to destroy the skunkworks this time. The bright orange 747 will attract a bit of attention but we'll back The Mouse to talk our way out of any nosey military personnel, either that or The Cannon can blast our way out.

July 2nd
The airframe upgrade of the 747 has begun. Air New Zealand has kindly lent us their hanger seeing as they're not using it for heavy maintainence. Their engineers are giving us a hand seeing as they have no other work before the company cruelly lays them off and they all head overseas for the rest of the world to snap them up.

August 1st
The airframe upgrades have been completed. The structural integrity will now hold on all aircraft during Balance Under Major Pitch Yaw (BUMPY) conditions, Supersonic Low Altitude Maneouvres (SLAM) and Complex Rolls And Sudden Handling (CRASH). We're hoping we can resolve some wiring issues before we begin flight testing. This includes connecting the blue and green wires together to give us 10% more range. Unfortunately there only seem to be blue and yellow wires which is really quite shocking. We're also aiming for 120,000lbs more thrust but unless we find the pink wire and remove it that seems unlikely.

August 2nd
The refit of the aircraft interior has been completed. We're hoping the array of living spaces will make for a pleasant atmosphere for those will want to join us on our promotional tour of the Bungeling Busters. With such an environment it should be possible to discuss the potential for people to be involved in creating overseas branches of the Bungeling Busters. The cabin areas are separated into eight areas.

1. Upper Deck: This is the lounge area which allows for easy social interaction, the opportunity to play some games and to interact with the Bungeling Busters.
2. Reading and Viewing: This is the quiet area. It has seating for reading books and opportunities to view forward of the aircraft.
3. Dining Room: Stocked full of Chocy Phish, Giant Jaffas, L&P and food.
4. Girl's Bedroom: Separated sleeping is essential
5. Guys Bedroom: Both bedrooms come equipped with movie projectors too.
6. Cricket Nets: For teaching people how to play cricket. To to space restrictions these double as corridors.
7. Family Beds: For married people and those with families.
8. Honeymoon Suite: Observant people will look at certain dates in the logbook

Click a few times until you can read the writing.

Current Mood: satisfied
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
9:57 pm
What are the Bungeling Busters?
In 1990, 13 year old Bryan Dove got together with three friends to film a video. They were 12 year olds Shannon, Chris, and Stephen. It was loosely designed as a sequel to the computer game Raid on Bungeling Bay, a favourite of Bryan's at the time. The premise of the video was that Bungeling Bay, led by their notorious Big Boss were trying to take over the world again. The video had maximum action for minimum plot (something about a new superjet) and involved the four boys running through various camera shots shooting Bungelings. Shannon's younger brother Stephen played the Big Boss while the younger brother of Chris, Timothy played the Bungeling foot soldiers. Clearly the Bungelings had advanced human cloning technology as Tim got shot a total of 21 times, often in sequential scenes. The four boys convinced their young leader to led them show it to their youth group where it was a complete flop.

It was talked about a lot though and because it was so much fun the boys did another one a year later, with Joanna Alpe playing the Prime Minister's daughter in a kidnap no-plot. Learning from their mistakes the second video was never shown to an outside audience. In December 1992 Bryan Dove met Glenn Hibburt for the first time, halfway up the staircase of someone's house. As he shook hands Bryan later reported thinking "I don't know him... he doesn't know me! The poor guy doesn't know what he's in for!" Glenn took an interest in the videos and persuaded Bryan to get the boys together for a third video that was filmed in 1993/1994. It was during preparation for this that Bryan decided they needed a name and Tim coined the name 'Bungeling Busters'. When Bryan was accepted into a Television and Production Course in 1995 he re-edited it during his spare time. In fact he spent so much spare time on it his tutor nicknamed it 'The Epic'. Many scenes in the third video pay homage to the orginal. Since then a number of ideas have been worked on but have never reached production. The chances of getting the boys back together were dealt a blow by Stephen's departure to live Dunedin and by the marriage of Chris to Candice, despite her having been put through the torture of watching the original at the youth group screening. Each video or mission is named 'Raid On Bungeling Bay' after the computer game which was also a complete flop, except in Japan! Each one though has a subtitle, usually based on a famous movie but varied slightly.

The Bungeling Busters continue to be a cult hit with a group of fans. Most recently it has been popularised by an interactive storyline called 'Raid On Bungeling Bay: The Lizard of Oz' where fans would be given the chance at the end of each episode to choose what happens in the next one. This has brought the legend of the Bungeling Busters to life and given rise to the possibility of an American Branch of The Bungeling Busters, with all-new storylines and characters.

This also raises the possibilities of new people officially becoming Bungeling Busters, something that hasn't happened since 1993!
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